2020 Gifted Me a New Perspective on Living with Expectancy

I know I’m late to the party but I think I’m ready to celebrate the New Year now. If you just took your Christmas decorations down last week (or if they are still up), don’t you dare consider judging me. After all, if we can celebrate milestone birthdays for an entire month, surely we can accept a New Year’s celebration on 2.1.2021.

A Celebration is Better Late Than Never | Photo by olia danilevich from Pexels

In addition to being aesthetically and numerically pleasing on the calendar, today is also a Monday and the first day of Black History Month. …

Prayer is an important first step in the struggle for justice.

Heavenly Father, I kneel at your throne, trembling with tears. The weight of a fallen world is on my shoulders and it is simply too great to bear. Yet, I rejoice because I know that my hope is found in you. In your Word, you tell us that your grace is sufficient and your power is perfected in our weakness (2 Cor. 12:9), and it is that power that I call upon in this time of great injustice.

Power that can comfort. Power that can heal. Power that can guide me and protect me as I move beyond this pain.

Once you’ve experienced trauma you emerge scarred, but better.

We’ve reached the point in our current global pandemic when people have become restless. Vigilantes are protesting. Folks are ripping off their masks — literally and figuratively. The exhaustion, panic, discontent, and longing for a return to the way things were feels almost suffocating. Yet, somehow, in the midst of a sea of frustration I find myself at peace.

As a person who has battled their fair share of anxiety — of note, the tearful meltdown I had when I succumbed to my COVID-19 fear and canceled a much anticipated trip in early March — my feelings of calm on…

Jesus exemplifies there’s no one way — or right way — to a miracle.

This is not the first post I wanted to write in 2020.

In the wee hours of the new year, my family and I were hit by an intoxicated driver speeding on a nearly empty interstate. As we spun out across multiple lanes heading toward a concrete wall I thought, surely, this is when I die. It was such a surreal stretch of time — mere seconds during which I experienced a sense of calm I would have never imagined. But then something miraculous happened. The car hit the wall at an angle that halted the spin and we stopped…

How God comforted me with one of the Bible’s most dysfunctional families

I typically dread the holiday season. The feeling begins to surface at the first sight of a pumpkin and costumes for Halloween; intensify around the time that grocery stores become jam packed with shoppers clutching their lists for Thanksgiving menus; and peak by the time December rolls around with back-to-back holiday parties seething with people repeatedly asking questions like, “So, are you going home for the holidays?” or “Have you finished your Christmas shopping?”

As simple as these questions sound on the surface, they imply that everyone has a ‘home’ to return to or, at the very least, a place…

“Nobody never tell you when you being like Christ”

I don’t want to hide my bias: I believe Kanye West is one of the greatest artists of all time. On Friday, West released his highly anticipated gospel album, Jesus is King. And it brings me no greater joy to know that my favorite artist is making music for my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.

In fact, it gives me the same joy as when that long lost cousin gets slain in the spirit during altar call at a revival they just so happened to attend, falling into the bosom of a church mother, weeping cleansing tears, and having an…

In the Spring, God trusted me to teach a lesson on surrender. Now, I’m sharing what He taught me.

In our current culture we glorify power, control, and #winning so much that it’s easy to understand why we struggle with surrender. To surrender, according to the world, means loss of power, loss of control, or that we didn’t win. However, I’ve learned that as Christians we must embrace truths that are counter-culture:

  • God has all the power
  • God is in control
  • True victory is in Jesus Christ (#alwayswinning)

What does surrender look like? More than begrudgingly relinquishing the steering wheel of our lives, surrendering as a Christian should look more like the child who, not knowing how to drive…

What I learned when I failed at being “perfect.”

Has your Christian walk ever fumbled after failure? Mine has. Of course it has. But this summer, I failed a small, yet mighty, test that forced me to expand my understanding of what it means to truly walk with Christ. It was a test that I had asked for. I prayed, “God reveal to me what I need to know in an undeniable way.”

And he did.

What surprised me the most about not passing this test is how quickly condemnation crept up. The enemy tried to use this test — the same test I prayed for — as a…

Everything God brings us to can be used for good, especially conflict.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine sent a prayer request. For weeks, she had been going toe-to-toe with a colleague over email and she was set to meet with this colleague in person. In the emails, the colleague had been manipulative, passive aggressive, and deceitful about work on a collaborative project, going out of her way to include my friend’s boss in the conversation. …

Felicia Harris

I’m an ordinary person but I’m saved.

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